Casa Almare villa welcome families all over the world year after year to spend their summer holiday in Puerto Vallarta and stay in it through their whole journey. On the south side of Puerto Vallarta, Almare is found by its 9296 sq. ft entrance and its incredible designs. Elias Rizo, architect is the designer of this wonderful property. He used steel clad for the entrance door, stone for the walls and added colored stucco to make the villa more cheerful. More materials and designs are used to convert it from being a villa to be a best work of art. Every tiny part in it is professionally designed from the used material, lighting, decorating, furnishing and finishing. This was a small review about its designs and here are more details but about its features and amenities. You can also get inspired with other Mexican locations using some of our past articles Luxury Villa in Mexico Providing High Quality Lifestyle and Casa la Roca A Stylish Holiday villa Rental In Los Cabos Mexico to help get you started planning your next family holiday.a-luxury-holiday-home-casa-almare-puerto-vallarta-jalisco-mexico-18

A landscaped garden and a heated lavish pool are the first thing your eyes will fall on them when you arrive. A tropical atmosphere and the ocean smell will keep on your nose all time. An elevated ceilings, two car garage, kitchen and elevator central are possible in Casa Almare. This property offers five bedrooms with ocean views. Each bedroom has a king size bed and a private bath but one of them has outdoor shower too. About the villa devices, there is wireless internet, flat Screen TV’s surround sound system, telephone and gas grill. The staff of Almare villa consists of three maid, cook and houseman. They are professional in their work. Relax and have fun with your family in this luxurious property. Your children will be more safe so let them breath and have fun without being worried about them. Share your experience and keep a contact with us to provide you by more ideas about your family and holidays.a-luxury-holiday-home-casa-almare-puerto-vallarta-jalisco-mexico-5

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