Zurs is one of the amazing resorts in Austria that invite families to enjoy its high altitude ski access, the fantastic snow conditions, personal services and hospitality. Skiing holidays are popular here. Access to skiing there are many activities that you may try such as golf, winter walks, tobogganing, squash, snowboarding, snowshoe walking, horse drawn sleigh rides, ice rink and cross country skiing.

Long years ago, there was in this resort a house called Bentleys House that is constructed by its owner to be like a piece of jewelry in its beauty and to be the home of relaxation. Now a day this house is divided in three chalets; jazzy, Pazuel and Zirma Chalet. Each one of those chalets is perfect for a family skiing holiday. Now I came to describe one of those three chalets which is jazzy catered chalet. It named after the mountain in Zürs and this reflects on its elegant décor, designs and furniture.


Jazzi Chalet offers comfortable luxury bedrooms that are able to sleep up to 6 members of a family. This chalet has terraces with amazing and wonderful views of the Snow Mountains. Gymnasium, Sauna, Steam bath, Ice room, Relaxation room, Sky TV, Wii, Playstation, WI Fi, Ski facilities, kitchen, More than one bathroom, Dining area and Living area are examples of Jazzi Chalet’s amenities and rooms. A well trained staff is here under your service. Also all chalets’ services are included in the price that you will pay (No extra charges). Let’s enjoy an amazing skiing holiday with your family while staying in Jazzi Chalet. Each member in your family will like it and have incredible moments whether an adult or a child or a teenager and whether a ski beginner, intermediate or professional.

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