Does your family hear about Puerto Vallarta? Some families don’t know about it and others don’t try to spend their holiday in it so I came now to encourage taking your family and spending a special summer holiday in one of its villas. Asking why! Simply because it is the most tropical wonderful destination that is known by its sunny weather, golden beaches, relaxing atmosphere and the ability to interest many entertainment activities. Shopping, dining, swimming, walking, running, gliding and horse riding are perfect there for adults and children. South Puerto Vallarta in Conchas Chinas, there is a large beachfront villa of a famous Hollywood filmmaker called CASA SEPTIEMBRE one of the favorite beach houses. This rental villa is for any family that wants to spend their holiday in a beach house less than a mile or 15 minutes’ walk on a shoreline to Puerto Vallarta town. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Villa Verano A Tropical Paradise At The Mexican Riviera and Amazingly Beautiful Kalliste Chalet That Will Delight You, France to help get you started planning your net family

Casa Septiembre offers eight luxury and well decorated bedrooms with A/C and ocean views, this villa can sleep up to sixteen guests. All bedrooms overlook some sort of view … the large swimming pool and beautiful white sand beach below. The villa from inside is characterized by traditional Mexican style in a harmonic mixture of the forties and fifties along with Indian, Moroccan antiques , Mexican Furniture and bohemian atmosphere. The villa feathers all sort of entertainment or relaxation to assure you that your every need will be met with style and comfort.More and more possibilities will surprise you. Pick your luggage and go there for a perfect summer holiday. Don’t forget to share your experience with us and mention in it your children’s funny moments that they spend in Puerto

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