You might think that it is too early to start planning your next family holiday. There is so much to do and to choose… a beautiful villa designed that are mostly designed for enjoying the hot summer weather is what we are thinking about. Hot weather, summer and holiday need a wonderful destination with perfect sandy beaches to spend an amazing holiday with your family and friends. What about a magnificent destination with golden beaches, ocean smell, tropical weather and luxury villas for more than one purpose? Well, in today’s article, we’ll be showcasing an absolutely unbelievable villa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in order to prepare you for the summer and give you some ideas as well. Puerto Vallarta is that gorgeous destination which can make you feel hospitality, relaxation and comfort. It contains a number of high class villas with private beaches with golden sand, many accommodations, helpful trained staff and the availability to try many activities. Come with to know more about one of those villas to be easier for you in identifying Puerto Vallarta villa’s features. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Luxury Villa that Offer the Sweetest Escape in Dubai Palm Island Mansion and Mother’s House – Modern Holiday Ocean Villa in Grand Turk Island Overlooking the Caribbean to help get you started planning your net family holiday.casual-luxury-exuded-by-spacious-villa-in-puerto-vallarta-casa-salinas-i-9

Casa Salinas is a remarkable villa in Puerto Vallarta as it so near from the airport only eight miles away. Also it gives the variety to its guests to enjoy the privacy, swim and play in its private beach. Casa Salinas is a wonderful ocean front villa as it is overlooking to the charming scene of the Pacific Ocean. It is suitable for many social family events, business events and family holidays not only for its location but also for its possibility to occupy many guests, the presence of high trained staff and its fresh atmosphere. Casa Salinas villa offers nine luxury bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, amazing designs and air-conditions that are possible for adults and children. All of them have king beds except two. One of those two has double queen bed and the other has twin beds. This villa is air-conditioned and provided by dining facilities such as BBQ, fully equipped kitchen, dining room, outdoor dining and bar. Other amenities like open-air living, heated infinity pool, purified water, and terrace with ocean view, satellite TV, wireless internet and ceiling fans are found in it. Spend an amazing summer holiday with your family and make each moment unforgettable one. Your experience there will be fantastic so share it with us.casual-luxury-exuded-by-spacious-villa-in-puerto-vallarta-casa-salinas-i-23

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