Let your family be one of those families that interest their holidays in La Tania skiing resort. La Tania is a French skiing paradise that has perfect location, incredible views, fresh atmosphere, many skiing and other facilities, skiing runs and family chalets. Families from all nationalities came every year to spend their skiing family holiday in it. Each family chooses the possible chalet for it to stay in. Most of the chalets here can welcome more than one family in the same chalet but there are a few chalets were built for one family only.

Now, I am going to tell you about a chalet from the first section that can sleeps twelve guests. This means that two or more families can came together to this chalet and they will find all their needs. Chalet Le Torrent is the chalet that my words talk about. It is a fully catered chalet that you can ski to its door and interest its fantastic views through the offered balconies. Six double/ twin bedrooms provide you with decorations, homely designs, super king or twin beds, en-site bathrooms, towels, bathrobes, toiletries, hairdryers, duvets, Egyptian cotton sheets and feather or foam pillows are for sweet dreams and calm sleeping.

chalet-le-torrent-luxury-family-holiday-ski-chalet-located-in-la-tania-france-12Chalet Le Torrent offers boot warmers, satellite TV, fireplace, outdoor hot tub, open plan kitchen, dining area, height ceiling with large windows and large sunny terrace to satisfy all your needs a thief you are at home. Concierge services are found in La Tania resort to take care of your needs. Delicious tastefully meals prepared by experienced chefs served in your chalet. Ski hire staff, Ski passes and minibuses service is also available to you. Be lucky and stay in Le Torrent chalet. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Chalet Ibron – Luxury Ski Paradise in Swiss Alps and Marylou A Palatial Yet Rustic Villa To Exceed All Your Luxurious Expectations In Aspen to help get you started planning your net family holiday.chalet-le-torrent-luxury-family-holiday-ski-chalet-located-in-la-tania-france-111

chalet-le-torrent-luxury-family-holiday-ski-chalet-located-in-la-tania-france-2 chalet-le-torrent-luxury-family-holiday-ski-chalet-located-in-la-tania-france-5 chalet-le-torrent-luxury-family-holiday-ski-chalet-located-in-la-tania-france-8 chalet-le-torrent-luxury-family-holiday-ski-chalet-located-in-la-tania-france-9 chalet-le-torrent-luxury-family-holiday-ski-chalet-located-in-la-tania-france-11



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