We believe that there is no better enjoyment than a place of relaxation in the hot summer days, then sitting by the pool, and drinking cold drinks. If you are lucky enough you’d be in a waterfront location and there is no better place to be in the summer than one of villazzo’s VillaHotel. Welcome to the chic and exclusive Villa San Michele, a luxurious vacation rental where you can enjoy all your dreams.

This Classy and Elegant Miami Beach Villa is for all people who enjoy the glamorous waterfront location, just minutes from the action of Miami Beach, and with amazing swimming pools in the yard having a private butler at your beck and call. The contemporary-styled luxury villa is located on the exclusive peaceful and private hideaway in Hibiscus Island in Miami Beach yet just minutes from the beaches and buzzing action of Miami Beach.

classy-and-elegant-miami-beach-villa-san-michele-9You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles The Luxurious Jasmine Villa Hotel in Miami, Florida and Villa Elisa-The Aspen Luxury Vacation Experience Exemplified In A Villa to help get you started planning your net family holiday. The American Miami Beach VillaHotel San Michele feathers 5 impressive bedroom, 5 roomy bathrooms sits on a waterfront with an amazing view of the Miami skyline and views of the bay which is a prime example of high-end Miami Beach luxury and comfort. VillaHotel San Michele is a prime choice for the ultimate luxury vacation boasting 5 star amenities and modern functions for only $ 36,400 PER WEEK. Check out and see what we’ve got for you. Enjoy!

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