Comfortable Holiday Home Placed in a Lovely Picturesque Site: La Villa Ulysse in France

All of us love going out on holidays but we hate thinking where we can go on our holidays. It will be as simple as family holiday team will offer many ideas for family holidays. We are so happy to choose for you special holiday ideas that match adults and kids favors. All you should is surfing our website to pick one idea from them. We wish to share your experience with us. Every family needs a break from the stresses of work. This break might be a holiday in the elegant Provence. In south of France, this beautiful region takes place. This region contains many villages with alive restaurants, shops, fishing coasts and lavender fields. It is such a wonderful destination for any family to spend their holiday. The plaine of Gordes is a Provence village that contains a number of farmhouses. Ulysse is one of those farmhouses. It is five minutes from the village of Gordes. The highway is quarter an hour from it. Avignon TGV train station will be half an hour from you. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Opulent Holiday Retreat Overlooking the Caribbean: Stargazer Villa Turks and Caicos Islands and Coral House Modern Holiday Ocean Villa in Turks and Caicos Islands Overlooking the Caribbean to help get you started planning your next family holiday..


Ulysse has two buildings which are the main house and the guest house. The main house has two salons feature as follow; one with home cinema, antiques, fireplace and grand piano and the other is with restroom for the guests and a nice dining room. Also there are a fully equipped office, kitchen and a laundry room. On the other side, the guest house has living room with sofas, a huge TV screen, and piano. The sleeping facilities are in six luxury bedrooms, each one have en-suite bathroom with shower, basin, and WC mainly and in some of them there are bathtub in addition. Each bedroom also has A/C and TV. On the first floor in the main house, there are four bedrooms. The first bedroom has king size bed, dressing room and safe. The second one features king size bed and plus an extra single bed for a nurse. The third one has two single beds. The last bedroom comes with large king size bed, fireplace, large desk and a safe. On the second floor, there is one bedroom with king size bed, small salon, fireplace, library, and dressing room. By this it remains one bedroom which is in the guest house. It provide your guests by queen size bed, dressing room and safe. An outdoor “al fresco” dining is amazing. Also a safe incredible garden with a lot of pieces of iron work, sculptures, basins with waterfalls and lavender fields make this garden gorgeous. Different and many activities for children are offered by this holiday property. Soccer playground, heated swimming pool, a Ping-Pong table, a football table and 2 basketball baskets will be found in this great full holiday home. It will be a perfect holiday experience that your family will be so thankful to you. For more information on vacation homes in Gordes / ULYSSE or to book a reservation, please visit

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