In the azure waters of the Indian Ocean there is one of the Seychelles most exclusive private islands an island like no other. Offering a sense of seclusion, an untouched private island where nature thrives …Cousine Island just 25 hectares is one of the most breathtaking nature islands in the Seychelles archipelago. It is located just below the equator some 1000 miles off the Eastern Coast of Africa. Cousine Island is one of the most untouched granitic islands of the Seychelles archipelago– remains easily accessible.


Cousine Island is home to only four high-level of luxury villas and one stately presidential villa; all built in the French Colonial style. They are situated 30 meters from the island’s sugar-white beaches. The elegantly designed luxury villas are surrounded by breath-taking nature of lush vegetation; each of the villas boasts breath-taking views of the Indian Ocean.
Cousine Island offers unparalleled privacy and seclusion together with the highest level of luxury and comfort to create a unique and an unforgettable destination making it one of the most exclusive private islands in the world. With their French Colonial style, the villas simply ooze romance – and with space just for two, they’re perfect for island honeymoons and beach weddings… the perfect option for an exclusive couple’s break. Cousine Island Seychelles is more than a resort; the place feels more like a homegrown family estate—which it has been since 1992.
Cousine Island is a private nature reserve in the Seychelles just a few miles off the west coast of Praslin Island. Home to nesting Hawksbill and Green turtles, Aldabra giant tortoises and numerous species of native Seychellois birds and animals and with some species now recovering from the brink of extinction… this offers you the chance to not only see nature but to live amongst it and to have a true island experience.

Cousine Island is an exclusive island charters for those that really want to leave the world behind them. Cousine Island invites you to experience a sense of seclusion and luxury rarely found. The issue is not the max spirit but we give a leverage to put little things in our family holiday home areas where we are hoping that you could spend some good time with us. Images via: Cousine hope you liked this post. You can also get inspired to decorate your home using some of our past articles JW Marriott Hotel on a private island in Venice Italy and Holidays On An Exclusive Private Island and Luxury Retreats in Seychelles to help get you started. For more information on vacation homes in Seychelles or to book a reservation, please visit cousine-island-the-seychelles-private-hideaway-14 cousine-island-the-seychelles-private-hideaway-16 cousine-island-the-seychelles-private-hideaway-24 cousine-island-the-seychelles-private-hideaway-34 cousine-island-the-seychelles-private-hideaway-44 cousine-island-the-seychelles-private-hideaway-54 cousine-island-the-seychelles-private-hideaway-55 cousine-island-the-seychelles-private-hideaway-63 cousine-island-the-seychelles-private-hideaway-73 cousine-island-the-seychelles-private-hideaway-83 cousine-island-the-seychelles-private-hideaway-111 cousine-island-the-seychelles-private-hideaway-10 cousine-island-the-seychelles-private-hideaway


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