Holidays are the greatest time that we spend it with our families far from work stresses and busy schedules. How wonderful it will be if we mix it with amazing sport and beautiful destination? Let your next holiday not to be a family holiday only, make it a Swiss Skiing family holiday.

Switzerland is the most elegant country all over the world in offering skiing resort with family chalets provided with confident accommodations and skiing facilities. Zermatt Matterhorn Ski Paradise is one of those resorts that locate in Switzerland. To be more efficient, I will concentrate my coming few words on one chalet known by facilities Heinz Julen Loft. Here are some notes about its location and features. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Exquisite Holiday Retreat in the French Alps: White Pearl Chalet and Canada’s Newest Ski Resort Revelstoke Mountain Resort | British Columbia, Canada to help get you started planning your net family holiday.


The Heinz Julen Loft lies on a hill that it will be easy to reach the heart of the village through the nearest lifts. It is a spectacular huge wooden chalet in the Swiss Alps that the top of the Omnia Hotel lifts is two minutes from it. The local star Heinz Julen designed it from the combination of glass acres, steel, concrete and wood to be the most gorgeous family skiing chalet in that place. The Heinz Julen Loft provides any family that will stay in it by three bedrooms can sleep six guests. The first one is the master bedroom; it comes with private landing, free-standing bath, and massage cover, an island bed on a rotating floor, a separate shower room, WC, a sofa, and a TV. The second and third bedrooms are same in their features. Each one of them is double with a balcony and small bathroom contains shower and WC. Fireplace, Indoor Jacuzzi, hot-tub, TV, DVD, Sauna, sound system, free wireless, kitchen, a cozy dining alcove, living room, a cantilevered bar area, a guest toilet, large terrace and a baby grand Steinway piano are some images from the chalet’s inside features. If you like our Heinz Julen Loft chalet’s images spend your next holiday in it and if you don’t like also go there to tell us about yours.

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