Villa Jane is a charming superbly designed contemporary chateau winding through the mountains of Aspen, Colorado. Villa Jane is a spacious luxury home, with gorgeous finishing throughout every room accentuated by the soft, dreamlike views of the surrounding staggering landscape.

Villa Jane was recently built on 2013 on a total area: 217,800 sqft (20,230 m²) and the interior space on: 15,000 sq ft (1,390 m²); with six spacious bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and an enormous outdoor patio, whether indoors or outdoors you will be extremely impressed. In Villa Jane you will enjoy all the amenities it has to offer … a modern kitchen, a fully equipped gym, and a large, comfortable living room, a stunning indoor swimming pool, and a spectacular recreational room, there is nothing Villa Jane is lacking.


Villa Jane is a wonderful place for daydreamers matches chic design; ideal for those searching for the perfect holiday as they can take long walks, admire the sunset and enjoy the fresh air in the endless purity of one of the most picturesque skiing destinations on the planet. For registrations and more information see www.villazzo.

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