To spend an amazing family holiday, you want find more beautiful destination than Tortola. Tortola is truly Caribbean nature’s little secret, the main island of the British Virgin Islands where breath-taking views of the turquoise Caribbean waters is all around. This island is as small as you can explore it by foot or take a jeep around the rolling hills. In addition to this you can take your family in sailing or yachting excursion around the tranquil beaches, including Cane Garden Beach and Brewers Bay.

To enjoy all this, stay in a luxurious rental family villa like Tara villa. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Living The Dream- Exotic Getaway Hiding Out In Style at Necker Island and Bermuda Caribbean Holidays to help get you started planning your next family holiday.enthralling-caribbean-views-tara-villa-tortola-british-virgin-islands-10

Tara is a West Indian beautifully designed style and lavishly equipped villa. It has lovely sea and garden views overlooking magnificent sea views and perfectly done up in Caribbean colors, tile floors, brick, and by beautiful native stone walls, this island-style haven’s interiors flow gracefully out to the perfect tableau just beyond its archways and doors. Tara offers three bedrooms for those seeking seclusion and luxury. Nothing describes Tara and the experience than a collection of visual images taken of Tara as well as the island itself. See why Tara is a superb vacation villa and one of the most sought-after villas in BVI which showers its guests family and friends with sea, sun and serenity for. Try to go there and enjoy your holiday in a tropical atmosphere.enthralling-caribbean-views-tara-villa-tortola-british-virgin-islands-11 enthralling-caribbean-views-tara-villa-tortola-british-virgin-islands-12 enthralling-caribbean-views-tara-villa-tortola-british-virgin-islands-16 enthralling-caribbean-views-tara-villa-tortola-british-virgin-islands-18 enthralling-caribbean-views-tara-villa-tortola-british-virgin-islands-24 enthralling-caribbean-views-tara-villa-tortola-british-virgin-islands-27 enthralling-caribbean-views-tara-villa-tortola-british-virgin-islands-31 enthralling-caribbean-views-tara-villa-tortola-british-virgin-islands-33 enthralling-caribbean-views-tara-villa-tortola-british-virgin-islands-35
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