Summer, hot, holiday … all these things need a special place to relax in with your family and friends. St. Barthélemy is the most elegant destination for groups of friends, families, and honeymooners. In the French West Indies, St. Barthélemy takes place at a short distance near St. Martin and Anguilla. What do you think about a charming atmosphere and elegant holiday? In this place, you may do shopping, celebrate, dine and many other things. Staying there is easier than anywhere else as you will easily find a big number of rental villas.

Each one of them is more beautiful than the other. About me, I prefer Victoria villa, not only for its beauty and location but also because it is a perfect home for family holidays, social events and weddings. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Comfort and Relaxation in the Swiss Alps: The Elegant Chalet Tuftra 4 and Song Saa, Cambodia: Sustainable luxury on a fantasy island to help get you started planning your next family holiday.


Victoria is away from the airport by fifteen minutes on the hillside of Vitet. Restaurant and Supermarket are five minutes from it. Vitet Gustavia will be twenty minutes from you. Lorient and Marigot beach is the nearest beach to this villa. I try to make a short summary to describe this contemporary chic villa to you to know how great it is. Victoria has a wonderful island surrounded by a pool to have your breakfast on it each morning. This villa contains two bedrooms similar in their features but they have only one difference which is the bathroom, one is with bathroom contained shower and the other has bathroom with shower and double shower too. Each bedroom of them has ocean view, King bed, air conditioning, dresser, desk and private terrace. A spacious living room with window screens that opens to the pool and ocean view is a perfect room to meet with your family members having tea and relax down. The villa is equipped by all entertainment devices CD player, DVD player, French satellite, TV, US satellite and Wi-Fi. A fully equipped Kitchen 12 guests is also available for a delicious dinner. And finally this my summary but I think if you go there you will find more interesting things. Try this extraordinary experience with your family and share it with us. For more information on Victoria villa or to book a reservation, please visit villa-victoria-exclusive-luxury-family-holiday-rental-8 villa-victoria-exclusive-luxury-family-holiday-rental-11 villa-victoria-exclusive-luxury-family-holiday-rental-12 villa-victoria-exclusive-luxury-family-holiday-rental-13 villa-victoria-exclusive-luxury-family-holiday-rental-14 villa-victoria-exclusive-luxury-family-holiday-rental-16 villa-victoria-exclusive-luxury-family-holiday-rental-21 villa-victoria-exclusive-luxury-family-holiday-rental-22 villa-victoria-exclusive-luxury-family-holiday-rental-23 villa-victoria-exclusive-luxury-family-holiday-rental-25 villa-victoria-exclusive-luxury-family-holiday-rental-26


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