There are no people that don’t love the very essence of privacy and luxury. Royal Belize Private Island is not just for celebrities anymore but may not really be accessible to the most of the people, but the most of us are admired of it. Royal Belize is an exclusive private island rental off the coast of Belize with a great location in the Caribbean Sea… in the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, approximately nine miles southeast of Dangriga.

It is an entire 7.5 acre Caribbean island resort that was originally developed as a private retreat for your exclusive use. Whether you are looking for a romantic island atmosphere for wedding party , memorable family getaways retreats an adventurous location for dive group, or an exotic and fun vacation… the concierge will create your perfect experience on the Belize private island. Royal Belize is the ideal spot to relax with a completely personalized experience or a group of people seeking an exotic, unique and exciting vacation.It is the only luxury private island in Belize rented to one guest party at a time.


The island can accommodate up to ten adults in five bedrooms and a bunk room with space for an additional six children. Comprised of three villas with five star services on the island, you will enjoy a full-time staff of seven lives including an island personal chef, housekeeper, and concierge; you will enjoy paradise with your closest friends and family, or just you and someone very special. Royal Belize offers a pure lifestyle holiday experience that you will never forget. You can also get inspired with other Private Islands using some of our past articles Wandering Through Paradise: Exquisite Villas On Denis Private Island Seychelles and Ponta dos Ganchos Nr Florianopolis, The Sexiest Private Island Escape in Brazil to help get you started planning your net family holiday. Enjoy the photos below, as well as the positive vibes they inspire!

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