Searching for the best island that can capture your heart, you won’t find more beautiful island than Maui. Maui is a picturesque Hawaiian island capable of offering unique holiday experiences. Maui is the perfect island to spend an amazing holiday with your family in. You will enjoy the view of beaches, tropical weather and try water sports.

Especially Wailea beach in Maui, it has beautifully planted gardens to the gorgeous golden sand crescent shaped of it. Also the beach is so clear and charming. As I told you, you can snorkel, swim, scuba and surf. All the guests of Wailea Beach Villas may enjoy this and find more services for their entertainment. One of those villas is Sandcastles villa. It is the suitable one for a family to have a blast of time in Wailea. The villa is located in the heart of Wailea Resort in a priceless location within the all-new Wailea Beach Villas on the TOP FLOOR.


This villa is five floors above the family pool and spa and it is close to the center courtyard area of the “Tower Building”. The building is well constructed with double pane glass windows to insulate sound. It is about 2,521 square feet indoors plus an additional 405 square feet of outdoor veranda space, for more than 2,900 square feet. This is a perfect vacant space to welcome all the members of your family. The villa features four private bedrooms. Each room has central air conditioning with individual room air conditioning controls for all guests to set their own preferred temperature. Also each room is equipped with whisper quiet remote-control ceiling fans, a digital cable box, CD/DVD, iPod alarm clock radio, and large flat panel television and HD subscriptions. About bathrooms, there are three full bathrooms with a glass enclosed shower and separate deep soaking tub. The master bedroom bath has a separate deep soaking tub which is like an indoor spa. There are two open lit free-form lava rock encircled whirlpool hot tubs within the lushly landscaped grounds and this is the outdoor spa. All this and more you will find in Sandcastles villa. And for more information or booking the villa you can visit this site; booking .com.

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