An indescribable experience is waiting for you to explore in Croatia on your next family summer holiday. Croatia includes many island beaches that have beauty scenes, fresh atmosphere and many landmarks. Split and Hvar Island considered as one of the hottest spots in Croatia. Not only for the beauty of the Adriatic Sea but also it offers a number of luxury villas that is perfect for any family to spend its holiday in it. Welcoming retreats and charming atmosphere characterize this destination. Four minutes from Bol Town, you will find Saxum villa with its wonderful scene that will capture your heart from the first look.

It is one of the beautiful villas in Croatia. It is near to all your family requests. Shopping will be as easy as the shops are 500 meters from you. Also this villa is 60 minutes’ drive to Split airport and five minutes’ walk to tennis courts, exercise facilities and grocery store. Villa Saxum is twenty minutes’ walk from a glorious beach that is possible for surfers, sailors and also windsurfers due to the presence of the ideal winds produced in sea channel area between Brač and Hvar islands. You can also get inspired with other  locations using some of our past articles Luxury Villa in Mexico Providing High Quality Lifestyle and Casa la Roca A Stylish Holiday villa Rental In Los Cabos Mexico to help get you started planning your next family holiday.


This villa is 300 square meters that contain six bedrooms. From twelve to sixteen guests can be welcomed to spend their holiday together. The master bedroom has king size bed and the rest of the bedrooms have queen size bed each of them. All bedrooms have en-suite bathroom, TV, air-conditioning, safe and window screens with stunning views. Villa Saxum has a modern architectural design and decorations, a perfect swimming pool with decks at its edge are available to enjoy sun baths each morning in your summer holiday. Your villa is provided by modern devices. More and more amenities will be under your service to feel comfort and relaxed. Join us by a small review about your experience there.

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