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A French holiday is the most elegant possible holiday for your family especially if it will be at COTE D’AZUR. In summer, this French Riviera welcome many families to visit Matisse Museum in Nice, Saint-Elme Citadel, have a romantic dinner in fabulous restaurants, do shopping and enjoy summer activates at one of the beautiful French beaches. Overlooking Levant and Port Cros islands, there is a perfect family villa waiting for you to rent it. Valmer villa is just kilometers between three airports. The first one is the airport of Nice and it is 100km from it. The second one is the airport of Toulon/Hyeres and it is 20km from it. The third one is the airport of La Mole. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Stunning Beachfront Villa Located Within The Luxury Resort Of Sheraton Sharm and Luxury Villa that Offer the Sweetest Escape in Dubai Palm Island Mansion to help get you started planning your net family holiday.

holiday-teasing-impressive-villa-valmer-on-the-french-riviera-2Valmer comprises of three separate homes; accommodate up to 24 Sleeps in 12 Bedrooms, a main house, a guesthouse and 200m house which are the separate parts of Valmer villa. In addition, there are two swimming pools, a nearby boat dock, 2 car entrances and a Mediterranean garden.This is one villa experience that you’ll never forget have a look at these vibrated photos and have fun and don’t forget your camera to take some of your own that will be amazing memories with your

holiday-teasing-impressive-villa-valmer-on-the-french-riviera holiday-teasing-impressive-villa-valmer-on-the-french-riviera-3 holiday-teasing-impressive-villa-valmer-on-the-french-riviera-5 holiday-teasing-impressive-villa-valmer-on-the-french-riviera-6 holiday-teasing-impressive-villa-valmer-on-the-french-riviera-8 holiday-teasing-impressive-villa-valmer-on-the-french-riviera-9 holiday-teasing-impressive-villa-valmer-on-the-french-riviera-15 holiday-teasing-impressive-villa-valmer-on-the-french-riviera-16 holiday-teasing-impressive-villa-valmer-on-the-french-riviera-19 holiday-teasing-impressive-villa-valmer-on-the-french-riviera-23 holiday-teasing-impressive-villa-valmer-on-the-french-riviera-26 holiday-teasing-impressive-villa-valmer-on-the-french-riviera-111


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