Holiday Vibes Inspired by the Charming Lo Stazzo Country House in Sardinia Italy

A modern looking country property and a holiday-inspiring, Lo Stazzo Country House in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy. Lo Stazzo Country House is located in the countryside area and considered one of those properties that beckon to be discovered up-close and personal. The five-bedroom, countryside villa is a seaside estate in the northern part of the island ideal for truly “lovers” of beauty and design- Great for children and pets.

Located just a few minutes from Porto Cervo, away from the glitters providing a high level of privacy, and yet at the same time it is in the true heart of it. A magnificent architectural work designed with stone and glass hosting the swimming pool which is surrounded by a magnificent view defines this holiday villa and completes the image of a delightful getaway.


Recently renovated, Lo Stazzo Country House within a landscaped park of 4,000 square meters offers a high living standard with modern property in a large outdoor ground at a steamy cost of $1,371 – $2,743 per night, depending on the season. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Spectacular Holiday Home in Spain Surrounded by a Breathtaking Scenery and Spectacular Private Retreat in the Caribbean: Grenada Villa to help get you started planning your net family holiday.

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