Before you read further, here is a warning: you will not be able to resist buying the next plane ticket to this beautiful location… you’d be hard pressed to find something better and you are about to see why. In this post we would like to present an island that was long neglected for a few years in a beautiful location have been rehabilitated to become a favorite spot for luxurious holiday seekers.

North Island situated in the heart of Seychelles. The Seychelles are a group of 115 islands, in the Indian Ocean off East Africa off the coast of East, northeast of Madagascar. Known for its pristine white-sand beaches, fantastic coral reefs, diving, nature reserves, rare wildlife such as giant Aldabra tortoises and Luxury accommodations. Get inspired with other family holiday Private Island locations using some of our past articles Get Swept Away On Royal Belize Private Island-Only A few Hours Away and A Special Destination: Calivigny Island A Luxury Private Island Located Off the Coast of Grenada to help get you started planning your next holiday.


On this floating paradise just 11 luxury villas on the entire North Island It is an absolute paradise and an exclusive island escape with spacious villas for couples or family, lovingly and individually looking for privacy on a private island surrounded by untouched nature. The modern cottages are warm inviting spaces made out local materials reaped from the island during the rehabilitation process. They are all-equipped and the furniture to form a signature architectural style that has been union with the environment to enjoy a complete sense of nature while offering a unique holiday destination and experience. This private island barefoot luxury villas offers an extensive view of the sea nearby and a getaway that is out of reach for many to be the place for a great vacation. This is your haven the perfect Seychelles resort: Should you wish, all 11 villas and the island as a whole can become your own private domain.private-island-seychelles-2 private-island-seychelles-5 private-island-seychelles-7 private-island-seychelles-9 private-island-seychelles-10 private-island-seychelles-11 private-island-seychelles-13 private-island-seychelles-17 private-island-seychelles-18 private-island-seychelles-19 private-island-seychelles-20 private-island-seychelles-21 private-island-seychelles-22


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