An impeccable luxury villa, on its own secluded raised just high enough, on seafront slopes in front the white sand private beach and looking over the tops of the towering palms. Sunrise House somehow combines innate elegance with a relaxed, salt-sea charm in Mustique is one of the island’s finest as it is one of the few houses on the island to have its own secluded white sand beach. Sunrise can comfortably accommodate up to ten guests, with five bedroom suites with their 5 bathrooms as well as further areas adaptable for sleeping.

Sunrise House is perched on a hillside with accommodation on several levels a short stroll from the famous Macaroni Beach and the beautiful, wild Pasture Bay. Sunrise House is immaculately furnished in soft creamy tones, combines exclusive elegance with a relaxed charm. Sunrise House was designed by an internationally acclaimed architect, who with the help of soft warm colors and expertly chosen details created a visually stunning and comfortable space.


But apart from species villa stands out for its elegant design and a heavenly location, the House is surrounded by exquisite tropical gardens on a slight slope and down there by the sea, a delightful decked area nestles under the palms beside the pristine sands. Sunrise House has becoming part of an idyllic Caribbean tableau complete with powder white sand and swooning palm trees.

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