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A best holiday is taking your family in faraway place to enjoy your own privacy of your holiday. Discovery Bay on the northern coast of Jamaica is the best way to do this. To stay there you have to rent a possible villa for your family. Keela Wee is among the best. A deluxe waterfront villa, located proudly on the picturesque Discovery Bay atop its own a private coral cove.

This pretty villa overlooks one of Jamaica’s loveliest white sandy beaches. It takes approximately 60 minutes by a car from the Montego Bay airport to Keela Wee; great for families. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles -Amazing Family Holiday In Great View A Luxury Villa in Jamaica and Amazing Beachfront Rental Villa with Panoramic Views in Jamaica to help get you started planning your net family holiday.

keela-wee-villa-a-magnificent-home-away-from-home-31Keela Wee villa is a well-furnished; a two story home that offers six air-conditioned bedrooms each furnished very tastefully and colorful tropical colors. Also Keela Wee villa offers private pool, private tennis court, gym, and wonderful views of the bay of a fishing village nestled by the water and white cottages dotting the hillside beyond. Enjoy this entire 7000 square foot beachfront fabulous luxury villa and more with your family and friends.keela-wee-villa-a-magnificent-home-away-from-home-7 keela-wee-villa-a-magnificent-home-away-from-home-12 keela-wee-villa-a-magnificent-home-away-from-home-16 keela-wee-villa-a-magnificent-home-away-from-home-19 keela-wee-villa-a-magnificent-home-away-from-home-20 keela-wee-villa-a-magnificent-home-away-from-home-32 keela-wee-villa-a-magnificent-home-away-from-home-33 keela-wee-villa-a-magnificent-home-away-from-home-34 keela-wee-villa-a-magnificent-home-away-from-home-36 keela-wee-villa-a-magnificent-home-away-from-home-37 keela-wee-villa-a-magnificent-home-away-from-home-43 keela-wee-villa-a-magnificent-home-away-from-home-44 keela-wee-villa-a-magnificent-home-away-from-home-50 keela-wee-villa-a-magnificent-home-away-from-home-78


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