A Caribbean beachfront villa is waiting for your family to rent. At the end of Sapodilla Bay Beach LA KOUBBA takes place to make their guests able to enjoy snorkeling, swimming, whale-watching, horseback riding on the beach, hiking and many other activities. Not only summer holidays that you may spend them here, also you will be able to celebrate all your social family events as wedding, birthday parties, business dinners in this multi purposes villa. Come with me to know more about It. You can also get inspired with other rentals using some of our past articles Stunning Tamarind Villa at Parrot Cay Of Turks and Caicos Islands and Ultimate Luxury: Mind-Blowing Providenciales villa in the Turks and Caicos Islands to help get you started planning your net family holiday.


LA KOUBBA villa situated on Sapodilla Beach cove on the southern coast of Providenciales. It is the best way to enjoy your summer family holiday especially if you have children. As this villa has lushly landscaped gardens for them to play and run but don’t worry, this villa is gated to be safe for them. We are thinking also about you, sunbathes and walking are gorgeous in it.This villa is 8,000 sq. ft. divided in two parts the firt one is the main house and the second one is the guest cottage. Stone pathways and outdoor patios are amazing to welcome you and your guests inside the villa. It is featured with fine collectibles, decorations rugs, reflecting eclectic influences from Europe and the Orient.
The Main House and the Guest Cottage are the two elements which contain La Koubba’s bedrooms. Six bedrooms in the first element features as follow; five with king beds and one with 2 twins. About the guest cottage, it contains one bedroom with king bed. A beachfront outdoor kitchen to prepare a nice dinner or you may ask for a chef service. Balconies with ocean views, outdoor dining, sitting area, private pool and Kayaks are also available in LA KOUBBA villa.la-koubba-luxury-beachfront-estate-turks-and-caicos-islands-2

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