A huge event is waiting for your family. The place is Hvar town, Croatia. The time is on your next summer family holiday. The invitation is open to you, your family and your lovers. Renting an extra ordinary beautiful villa in a Mediterranean gem is the event that I am talking about. Hvar is one of the hottest spots in Croatia that has amazing landscapes and incredible shores.

A Mediterranean atmosphere will surrounds you everywhere in this destination. At one and half kilometers from the center of Hvar town, an amazing villa called Liza takes place to be your family holiday home. This villa is nearby the sea by fifty meters. By the same distance there is a shop. Liza villa has a perfect location and a perfect atmosphere. Villa Liza is nearby Hvar Hotel Phariacan, this means that more facilities are possible for you. And now continue reading to know what is inside this property. You can also get inspired with other Croatia locations using some of our past articles Villa Skalinada A Smooth Gorgeous Vacation Rental With Stunning Panoramic Views In Croatia and Smooth Gorgeous Villa Amour With Stunning Panoramic Views- Dubrovnik The Adriatic’s Jewl to help get you started planning your next family holiday.


This Mediterranean villa can welcome eight guests in its four double luxury bedrooms. Children can play in its private gorgeous garden and for you having your breakfast in it or having a tan on the edge of the outdoor pool are amazing ideas to interest your holiday. Liza villa has the most attractive and modern furniture. A spacious dining areas and sitting rooms are available for your relaxation and meeting your family members. The terraces of this villa have amazing views and can lead to the garden. About the kitchens, they are fully equipped. Many devices and amenities are there only to make your stay more interesting. A gorgeous experience it will be if you try it with your family. Have fun and enjoy the natural beauty to join us with your reviews about Liza villa. Content verified by Booking.com.

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