The summer is already in its full effect and everybody is looking for more extra pleasure to spend their summer vacation at. Villazzo’s Villa Stella combines 5-star hotel service that abounds with luxury and elegance offering a real relaxation in an exclusive Miami villa rental on Palm Island. Take a look at this amazing luxury contemporary villa.

Villazzo’s Villa Stella features a tasteful Mediterranean décor interior and exterior matching the design and architecture of the house and the finest amenities to show us what true luxury and elegance means. Villa Stella is one of the various luxury communities on Palm Island; it is a sprawling, sophisticated Mediterranean decorated villa has its own captivating features that offers charm comfortable, 5 plush bedding bedroom, 5 marble bathrooms, Sleeps 10, with pristine, bayside views of the azure sea and the glistening Miami skyline views out of each of its wide, expansive windows.


A host of patios and terraces act as gateways to Villa Stella’s enchanting exterior, which is so attractive and welcoming in order to enjoy the beautiful weather and it will make you to want to stay there forever. This property offers loads of fun which includes lush, meandering tropical gardens, a vanishing edge pool on the patio, which offers access to the private dock, and a rooftop BBQ/picnic area offers bay views, dining area, a hot tub with an outdoor Jacuzzi and lounge area – ideal for entertaining all convenient additions to Villazzo Villa Hotels. You can also get inspired with other Villazzo’s Villas using some of our past articles Luxury Lifestyle: The Best Holiday Home in Miami – Villa Contenta and The Luxurious Jasmine Villa Hotel in Miami, Florida to help get you started planning your net family holiday. If you’re looking to experience a luxury, comfort, extra pleasure while resting after a long and stressful at work and all of the privacy and luxury community of that Palm Island has to offer on Miami Beach, Villa Stella is the perfect choice. Enjoy!

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