To enter Montague Place is to step into another world, a world just pleasing to the eye! The British are renowned for their classic homes full of luxury and style. Montague Place is one of those homes where you can find mystic tapestries, of burnished silks and even benevolent Buddhism but not overlapping their taste of style.

Where else can you old fashion eastern home art such as beautifully hand-turned wood, saucepans of hammered copper and four-poster bed. Beside the beauty inside you can find it also outside too as it is right next to the British Museum and nearby Covent Garden. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles An Elegant and Spacious Apartment in Chiswick London and Stunning Family Home In London to help get you started planning your net family holiday.

luxury-house-for-a-family-holiday-in-holborn-london-8There’s so much to see in the neighborhood… that you could be there for weeks. You see; you’re surrounded by art, culture, beauty and decadence – both inside your new home and out. Montague Place, Holborn has a minimum stay of 3 nights.(Sleeps 3 – 4/ 2 bedrooms/ 2 bathroom and 380$/night, 190$ a

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