For those who are seeking for perfect luxurious chalets to spend a nice skiing family holiday. Here they are in Méribel, the best village in France that offers huge areas of skiing slopes around a number of family’s chalets. There are many other activities available for chalet’s guests such as shopping, snowboarding, snow biking and hiking. I will give you my hand to be easy for you to identify the chalet that will be useful for your needs. Sapiniere is one of the Méribel ‘ s smallest chalets that will gives your family a charm and unique ambience. Chalet Sapiniere sets 120m from the piste and also locates on the Route des Chalets.

Chalet Sapiniere distributed in two floors. The ground floor has a single bedroom with en-suite shower room and twin bedroom with en suite bathroom. And each of them has toilet. The second floor has a twin bedroom, double bedroom, bathroom and a toilet. Also on this floor, there is a double bedroom with en suite bathroom and toilet. Also this chalet has well-furnished and decorated living area, cinema room for a movie night, games room with table football, a beautiful oak Jacuzzi on the terrace, garage for parking and ski room with boot warmer and drying facilities. Satellite TV, DVD, PC, internet access, phone and fax are under your service and control in Sapiniere chalet.


Based on the price, there are many services offered by a good staff such as breakfast and dinner preparation, afternoon tea, minibus service, ski equipment rental, ski instructors, dry cleaning service and body massages. Enjoy your skiing holiday and interest the services offered to you by Sapiniere chalet staff. Your family will thank you for this amazing holiday and you won’t want to go back home. For more details see:

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