A stunning perfect destination invites your family this summer to spend your family holiday in it. This destination is about an island characterized by its Diamond Mineral Baths, Waterfalls, rainforests and natural beauty. Not only this, it also provide you by perfect places to enjoy summer activities with your family members and friends. This island called ST. LUCIA. Here, your family can hike, spend romantic nights and live an adventure experience. A set of luxurious villas took place on this island with awesome architectural designs to rest and feel homely on your holiday.

Whatever your taste, you will find the perfect villa that is possible to your family. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Sea Horse an Exotic Caribbean Family Holiday Villa in Jumby Bay Antigua and Mango Bay At The Garden, Barbados -Vacation Rental to help get you started planning your net family holiday.


Fifteen minutes from Anse Chastanet beach, you will find Le Gallerie villa which is a spectacular villa for St. Lucia island lovers. Near to this villa, there is Anse Chastanet Hotel that gives you the idol beach to snorkel and the perfect restaurants to enjoy meals with your family. This villa also characterized by its location that overlooks Soufiere Bay, a World Heritage site, and in the far distance the island of St. Vincent. This is the description of the surrounding area that shows to you the outer beauty of Le Gallerie villa. Come with me now to see its beauty from inside. Le Gallerie villa has six luxury bedrooms; four of them are for adults and the other two are for children’s. Each bedroom has its special features, views, amenities and atmosphere. You will found in this villa a large fully living room, it is fully from the furniture, devices and all things you need to be comfort and relaxed. A separate dining area, equipped kitchen, balconies a tropical garden and a perfect pool with huge circular deck are also found in this unique villa. If you decided to go there, your family will be so lucky and thankful for you about this perfect choice. Have fun and try it more than once.

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