Banyan Tree Seychelles resort is Located on the south-western coastline of Mahé Island overlooking one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, occupying 116 hectares perched between natural vegetation overlooking the Indian Ocean.

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This collection of 60 beautifully 5-star welcoming Creole-style villas are considered one of Mahé’s finest hotels combines a traditional colonial style with a rustic design await guests with their elegant and bright interiors that blends with its stunning natural surroundings. The resort comprises of two kind of luxuriously furnished one and two-bedroomed private villas, either close to the beach or on the tropical hillside both are uniquely remarkable with its spellbinding views. The First type is embedded on the tropical hill structure, in between imposing granite rocks while the second is Just steps from the beach but each spacious villa has its own private swimming pool and sundeck. With this atmosphere of spontaneous Seychellois hospitality is perfect for couples and honeymooners in search of blissful privacy and low-key relaxation. Content verified by

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