A summer family holiday in Turks and Caicos islands is an extraordinary experience. Unbelievable atmosphere, weather, facilities and services you will find them there. In addition, many activities that you will be able to join with your family and friends such as snorkeling, whale-watching, horseback riding, walking on the beach, hiking, tennis, shopping and many other opportunities. Grace Bay Beach which is the best beach all over the world will be the beach that you enjoy such activities on it.

Five-minute burry ridge from the main resort and 10 meters from the ocean edge, you will find a blessed villa for rent. It is the best way for your family relaxation and confidence. This villa comes with its amazing turquoise water and golden soft sand views. Como villa is that what I am talking about. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Magnificent Beach Home in Maui, Sea Shells House and Keela Wee villa A Magnificent Home Away From Home to help get you started planning your net family holiday.

oceanfront-residence-evoking-fortress-like-grandeur-como-villa-parrot-cay-7Como villa is with three luxurious bedrooms, two with king beds and one with two twin beds. A comfortable living room is perfect to sit with your family after a hard swimming active day watching a movie and having fun. Generous dining area that is perfect for you to feel a thief you are having a meal in a restaurant. There you can find a private sundeck with a heated swimming pool and sun loungers for swimming and having sunbath. Stunning views surrounds the villa to open your eyes everyday on them. A helpful staff will be under your service to feel comfort and relax. Complimentary daily breakfast, daily afternoon tea, fruit basket, scheduled activities (Yoga & Pilates) and non-motorized water sport activities are available free from charge to your family. Try to change your routine and have fun with your family in this wonderful property.oceanfront-residence-evoking-fortress-like-grandeur-como-villa-parrot-cay-13

oceanfront-residence-evoking-fortress-like-grandeur-como-villa-parrot-cay-30 oceanfront-residence-evoking-fortress-like-grandeur-como-villa-parrot-cay-15 oceanfront-residence-evoking-fortress-like-grandeur-como-villa-parrot-cay-6 oceanfront-residence-evoking-fortress-like-grandeur-como-villa-parrot-cay-8 oceanfront-residence-evoking-fortress-like-grandeur-como-villa-parrot-cay-12 oceanfront-residence-evoking-fortress-like-grandeur-como-villa-parrot-cay-11 oceanfront-residence-evoking-fortress-like-grandeur-como-villa-parrot-cay-9 oceanfront-residence-evoking-fortress-like-grandeur-como-villa-parrot-cay-10 oceanfront-residence-evoking-fortress-like-grandeur-como-villa-parrot-cay-111 oceanfront-residence-evoking-fortress-like-grandeur-como-villa-parrot-cay-17 oceanfront-residence-evoking-fortress-like-grandeur-como-villa-parrot-cay-26



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