The hot season and the summer holiday are few steps away. Porto de Galinhas, in Pernambuco, is one of the most beautiful beach destinations in Brazil. Brazil is famous with its long beaches lined with reefs await visitors especially in a district of Ipojuca, Pernambuco.In Porto de Galinhas, on the coast of Pernambuco, an old house was built on the coast; the home broke ave classical architecture of Brazilian beach homes with open architects as possible.

The Interior decoration was created a place like a hotel welcoming environment that combines the traditional architecture of Brazilian creations, cutting edge design and folk art. Panoramic windows are in all the rooms filled with natural light and well ventilated.

on-the-beach-in-brazil-home-of-art-and-relaxation_01 on-the-beach-in-brazil-home-of-art-and-relaxation_03

on-the-beach-in-brazil-home-of-art-and-relaxation_04 on-the-beach-in-brazil-home-of-art-and-relaxation_09 on-the-beach-in-brazil-home-of-art-and-relaxation_11


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