This beautiful four story home was in the hand of two brilliant architect and interior designer … Roland Cowan and Christian de Falbe as they completely gut the house. “Apple green and ice-cream pink and their combinations were their main interior’s palette colors going around every corner.

They even twisted between two period structures in style and design. Pieces of bold pop art and 1920s-style furniture are found in symmetry and elegancy. They created a central light to create a harmonizing flow from the first-floor bathroom down to the open-plan kitchen / family room on the lower ground floor which gave the feeling that every room was connected.

pink-lady-family-home-in-shalcomb-street-london-sw10-11Many unexpected yet brilliant features are created such as Stuart Semple’s portrait of Ms. Gaga, crystal bead-trimmed curtains or the 1970s-style silhouette painting and many more making the PINK LADY family home very boudoir with the touch of a French-chateau. Although the collection was often inexpensive array of furniture, fabrics and embellishments there’s always something interesting and eye catching. The PINK LADY family home in Shalcomb Street, SW10 is a modern-day family home or one of the greatest party pads ever. Get inspired with other rental locations using some of our past articles Luxury House For A Family Holiday In Holborn-London and A Crown Jewel Home – Avenue Emile Deschanel Eiffel Tower to help get you started planning your next family

pink-lady-family-home-in-shalcomb-street-london-sw10-12 pink-lady-family-home-in-shalcomb-street-london-sw10-1 pink-lady-family-home-in-shalcomb-street-london-sw10-4 pink-lady-family-home-in-shalcomb-street-london-sw10-5 pink-lady-family-home-in-shalcomb-street-london-sw10-7 pink-lady-family-home-in-shalcomb-street-london-sw10-13 pink-lady-family-home-in-shalcomb-street-london-sw10-14 pink-lady-family-home-in-shalcomb-street-london-sw10-15 pink-lady-family-home-in-shalcomb-street-london-sw10-16 pink-lady-family-home-in-shalcomb-street-london-sw10-17 pink-lady-family-home-in-shalcomb-street-london-sw10-18 pink-lady-family-home-in-shalcomb-street-london-sw10-19 pink-lady-family-home-in-shalcomb-street-london-sw10-20 pink-lady-family-home-in-shalcomb-street-london-sw10-2


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