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Rue de l’Université IV Vacation Apartment Rental in Eiffel Tower

This elegant 4 bedrooms, 3 bathroom Sheer splendor apartment accommodation for 8 sleeps, in Paris, Rue de l’Université IV, near Eiffel Tower, certainly lives up to the Left Bank’s artistic reputation boasts an unbeatable location with views that will make you swoon.

Being close to the Seine, it features a full on an impressive view of the Eiffel Tower from its terrace, this is as central as it gets in Paris. Here you’ll find that it has been fitted with the finest materials, a hoard of fascinating antique-filled living spaces from around the world, displayed against a backdrop of glossy wood furniture, a collection of vibrant artworks, traditional oils and polished vintage pieces- gallery-owner hosts’ favorite artworks.

rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-1The Rue de l’Université IV Vacation Apartment Rental is nearby as is the Rodin Museum, the invalides, the American Church, Quai Branly museum, rue Cler, École Militaire, Napoleon’s tomb, Musée d’Orsay, Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Versailles …and many other key sites of Paris. Truly an exceptional property only $995/ night. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles A Crown Jewel Home – Avenue Emile Deschanel Eiffel Tower and An Elegant and Spacious Apartment in Chiswick London to help get you started planning your net family holiday.rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-2 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-4 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-3 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-5 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-12 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-17 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-19 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-20 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-14 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-13 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-18 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-23 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-22 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-21 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-15 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-10 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-9 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-8 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-7 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-6 rue-de-luniversit%d9%84-iv-vacation-apartment-rental-in-eiffel-tower-11


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