Spending a magical beachfront holiday with your family you should go to Maui. Spend a number of days or weeks where there are fantastic beaches, wonderful restaurants and excellent golf. Also an array of activities is available for all ages. Maui is the best for many because you can do everything while on vacation here. You may enjoy white, gold, pink, black and green sand. It can all be found on front of Sapphire seas beach Estate in Maui.

Staying in this estate make you have the chance to enjoy the cooler and tropical weather of the island and discover your own perfect beach. All beaches along the Maui coastline are a short distance away from Sapphire Seas. That you can reached by car with a 1-2 minute drive or a short bike ride. All nearby public beaches provide restrooms and showers.


The villa is about 6,913 square feet of indoor and outdoor living areas. The indoor area has four bedroom suites, three of them king and one queen. Each bedroom has 4 down pillow and iPod alarm clock radio. The master and living bedrooms has DVD. About bathroom features, it includes 4.5 bathrooms with a beautiful master bath with flat panel television, double glass shower and wc in enclosed room for each of them. The master bathroom has a soaking tub with air jets. The kitchen has filtered drinking water. The entire house has a special water treatment system for soft water and wine refrigerator with white and red wine for guests. Also the villa has TV cable, smart panel control and indoor spa for your entertainment. The outdoor area has beautiful landscaped grounds with a petal soft grass. Hammock is available to enjoy this amazing views and plentiful space for dining and playing cards are available too. Enjoy your holiday on the shoreline which is perfect location for children to play because it is protected by an offshore ancient reef which prevents large waves from breaking on shore. Sapphire Seas Beach Estate is awaiting your enjoyment. This spectacular newer luxury home is an exclusive vacation residence. Try to go there and enjoy your family holiday.

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