Unique on the planet, one of the world’s most beautiful private islands and a true sanctuary: part of the Seychelles island collection (115 islands) in the midst of the Indian Ocean near the East African coast and located four degrees south of the equator.

The three square kilometers Frégate Island Private is an unspoiled island hideaways worldwide primarily known as a secluded, private luxury resort blending into its luscious green surroundings and seven white sand dream beaches. Get inspired with other private island locations using some of our past articles Meet Motu Teta, A Private Island In Tahiti Reserved Just For You and Peter Island The elegant island resort to help get you started planning your next family holiday.


The island prides itself on the beauty and seclusion of its seven stunning beaches are all yours on which you can reserve your own private area. The beaches are incredible each has its own unique character and atmosphere. All are among the most beautiful in the world for swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, sailing and fishing not forgetting their absolute privacy which will make your paradise retreat perfect as it was voted one of the best in the world. With only 16 luxuriously appointed Private Pool villas (13 one-bedroom villas and 3 two-bedroom) and one Presidential Villa (sleeping up to 6 adults or 6 adults and 3 children), each nestled into the coastline – ensures the rare luxuries a private experience. Fregate Island is a top-class private island with a wide range of activities, first-class facilities and five-star service; you’ll enjoy all of the beauty for less of the price. Recommended for an extended vacation for ADVENTURE, BEACH, COUPLES and FAMILY .

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