What do you think about your next family summer holiday? Do you plan for it or not yet? If you plan for it or not read my coming words may be you get new idea about it. Dubrovnik a city made of stone and light … one of the most amazing island beaches with the trendiest beaches. This is my idea for you. A Mediterranean atmosphere, amazing beauty and fabulous views will surround your family if you take your decision to spend your holiday in this amazing destination a place with fairytale magic.

It is one of Croatia’s islands. It offers a variety of luxury villas that are accessed by beachside, full amenities and many services. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Holiday Vibes Inspired by the Charming Lo Stazzo Country House in Sardinia Italy and Stunning Casa Varnishkes Private Beach and Tennis Villa on Long Bay Beach to help get you started planning your net family holiday…


Among the cliffs in Dubrovnik region villa Amour takes place to be ready to welcome your family for a blessing charming holiday. Also it is near one of the most incredible towns. Its location makes you able to interest spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and do shopping in the old town of Dubrovnik. This villa is 8000 square meters surrounded by flourishing gardens, olive trees and pinewood. Your children will find gardens to play freely. This villa has ultra-contemporary designs. It based on an original architect and modern living. It has six bedrooms; three of them are on the ground floor. They are large double bedrooms with luxury furniture and decorations. On the second floor, there are two double bedrooms with queen size bed in each one. The last bedroom is double with en-suite bathroom. A wide living room with a spacious dining area is available to your family to feel royalty, a beautiful terrace with barbecue area for casual dinner. In addition to all these things, there are a fully equipped kitchen, a spa room with sauna, steam room, a wine cellar and a beautiful pool. Rest and get closer to your family by a fantastic summer holiday. If you try this amazing experience, told us about it.

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