Villa Chepita has everything you could imagine and desire in this Aspen gateway. This ultra-modern estate will enchant and amaze you with 40-foot-high foyer and stunning 30-foot water wall and the open plan lifestyle living will make you entertain all your friends and family. In fact, given its generous proportions, Villa Chepita is spectacular high end, extreme quality, cozy and comfortable the ideal choice for those with large families or groups of friends coming together for the holidays.

Villa Chepita is a large, accommodating villa with both the landscape and interiors having a relaxing and inviting vibe. The large three floors, beautifully designed with -appointed entertaining spaces, 7 spacious bedrooms and luxury ultra-modern ensuite bathrooms. This ultra-modern estate has it all; a large commercial kitchen, media room, theater, bowling alley, saline lap pool, gym and sauna, wine room, and an unforgettable recreation room with billiards table, bar and arcade.


This villa also boasts large; panoramic windows showcase stunning views of Aspen Hills. Naturally, skiing is right outside the door. At over 19,000 square feet villa where you will most definitely stay again, this perfect mansion has everything you need for the ultimate Aspen escape. For more information or registration see;

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