Summer will be more wonderful in one of Mexico’s most sophisticated destinations which is Puerto Vallarta. Take an ocean breeze with your family and stay in one of the Pacific Ocean villas that you can enjoy golden beaches with white sand and mountains with lush palm. Shopping, dining, swimming, surfing, diving and more summer activities are available while staying in Estrella Mar villa. Relax and have pleasure with your family in the finest villa in Mexico. It constructed in Conchas Chinas but it is so near from Vallarta town. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Luxury Villa in Mexico Providing High Quality Lifestyle and Casa la Roca A Stylish Holiday villa Rental In Los Cabos Mexico to help get you started planning your net family holiday.


Estrella Mar villa contain six luxury bedrooms as follow; five of them are with king beds and one with two queen beds. Each room has a private terrace with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. There are a lot of devices in this villa too such a fair condition, CD player, elevator access, satellite TV, DVD and Grill/BBQ. Estrella Mar villa was designed by Terry Bowman who is one of the perfect 100 architectures in the interior designs. So he provide it by more than 22,600 square feet of living space, terraces, fireplace, fitness room, wireless internet, heated swimming pool, Mexican arts and furniture. In addition to these great features, this villa offers a cooperative staff to help you and make your holiday better. This staff consists of houseman, chef, housekeepers, gardener, and security. If you want a possible place for a family holiday, children’s birthday parties, a wedding or even social family events, you won’t find more perfect and finest than Estrella Mar villa. Not only for its features but also for its staff, location and amenities that makes it unique and presentable in front of all your family members and friend. At the end, we must thank Terry Bowman that designed this amazing royal villa. Feel royalty, relax with your family and contact us to know your family experience there.spectacular-mexican-villa-surrounded-by-a-breathtaking-scenery-villa-estrella-mar-15

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