Grenada is an incredible Caribbean island that contains a number of luxurious villas with picturesque surroundings, beachfront and easy access to many attractions of the island. Each villa of them is possible for unforgettable summer holiday with your friends, family or your soul mate. The capital of Grenada is St. George that is full with pastel-colored houses and French British architecture.

At St George’s Grenada, Seascape Villa takes place to invite groups from all over the world to stay in it in their summer holidays. It is a waterfront villa that nestled into a private hillside. Come with me to know more about this amazing property. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Oceanfront Residence Evoking Fortress-Like Grandeur: Bella Vita Villa and Casa Septiembre Beachfront Mexican Luxury Paradise To help get you started planning your net family holiday.


Seascape Villa is a private residence with access to resort amenities. This villa is surrounded by a lot of tastefully restaurants, boutique, authentic Asian Spa and beachfront yoga pavilion. That you may swim, snorkel, walk, spa and relax. Also your children will adore playing in the garden freely and you won’t be bothered as it is so safe. An infinity edge pool, living area and dining one are available. In Seascape Villa, there are four king bedrooms and one queen bedroom. All of them have shower, A/C, ceiling fans, safe and window screens. One of the king bedrooms and the queen one have phones. One King bedrooms is with bathtub, TV and an extra room with sofa and kitchenette. In addition, a fully equipped kitchen to prepare delicious meals or you may ask for a chef service. Breathtaking ocean views through its separate spacious roof terrace featuring a barbecue area for casual night. There is so much to do while staying in Seascape Villa. Try this amazing experience and join us with your reviews about it.

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