Relax, have fun and enjoy a best French holiday in Chalet Aravis. Your family stands beside you in hard time so you must thanks them and try to be nice by offering a perfect holiday in a luxurious winter wonderland filled with the purest colored snow and slopes that will get their adrenaline going. The most commonly visited regions in France became so known for anyone so be special by staying in a different region in France.

A selection of holiday dream homes for families in beautiful off-the-beaten-track regions are wonderful for your skiing family holiday. Also those regions are provided by the distinctive services that you need. One of those regions is close to the village of Megève as you found a chalet called Aravis. It is a wooden dreamy holiday home with wonderful views of the valley, Mont Charvain Mountain and the Mont Blanc. Big families or friends gatherings are suitable in this chalet. Skiing is also amazing here as the ski slopes are 300 meters from you. Shopping and nightlife in the center of Megeve is a 5 minute drive from the chalet. And if you want to visit Paris, you will need to cut 600 km to reach it. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Red Cloud Estate A Luxurious Ski Resorts To Book This Winter and Luxurious Chalet Izar Offering Extended Views of the French Alps, France to help get you started planning your next family holiday.


A modern wooden holiday home like Aravis chalet is a perfect choice for your family to spend a skiing holiday. Chalet Aravis is a modern chalet with French windows and amazing designs. Four is the number of its levels and seven is the number of its bedrooms. The first bedroom has king size bed, storage cupboard, dressing room, separated bath and Mont Charvin’s Mountain View. Five bedrooms are quite similar, each one of them has king size bed, or twins, storage cupboard, shower room, Wi-Fi, humidity regulator and a terrace. For your children, there is a perfect bedroom with 2 bunk beds, one single fold-away bed and one single bed that unfolds in a double bed. This is about its bedrooms so what about the rest features of Aravis chalet? An indoor swimming pool is labeling this sweet holiday home by its convertible bottom, Nordic bath and sauna. Also a spacious living room for your family to meet and have a cup of tea after a hard skiing day is present in this wooden chalet. Skiing holiday needs a power to enjoy it so a dining area and a semi-open kitchen are important in your holiday home to prepare delicious meals and eat them in a proper place. Chef Service is available with additional cost. Don’t bother yourself by housekeeping and laundry because a daily housekeeping and laundry access are available for free. To relax more and calm down a massage and beauty treatments are possible but it will need some more money from you. More and more things you will enjoy during your stay in Chalet Aravis.

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