Stunning Casa Varnishkes Private Beach and Tennis Villa on Long Bay Beach

Welcome to the most pleasant relaxing home all over the world to spend your summer family holiday in it. Turks and Caicos invite every year all groups weather family groups, friends or honeymooners to stay in one of its offered villas that are the most gorgeous homes to feel comfort and support you to get rid of your stresses. Just twenty minutes from the airport, you will find Casa Varnishkes villa.

It is a very luxurious presentable villa for you and your guests if you think about celebrating any social events. Also, it is possible for shopping, dining and entertaining as it is twelve minutes from resorts, restaurants and shopping centers. More activities are available to enjoy and learn as it is fifteen minutes from the golf course and situated directly on peaceful and private Long Bay Beach. This location shows us that you may enjoy swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, golfing, whale watching and many other beach activities. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Luxury House For A Family Holiday In Holborn-London and Villa Agi Lazro, One Of The Hidden Holiday Homes Of Mykonos Greece to help get you started planning your net family holiday.


Casa Varnishkes built on 2.5 acres with stunning view of pristine waters of the Caicos Banks and a panoramic view of Long Bay. It has an elegant marble pool and a tennis court. Nine king or queen bedrooms with fine features are for you to rest. In addition to these sleeping rooms, there is an optional sleeping area with two sofa beds. Other rooms and areas such as an outdoor dining for a royal dining, sitting room to meet with your family members, outdoor bar for having a drink, media room for entertainment, fully equipped kitchen to enjoy preparing food or the usage of your chef and a modern office to finish your business without cutting your holiday are found in Casa Varnishkes; is one home combining between fun, elegance, royalty, entertainment and also all kind of facilities. Discuss your experience with us.

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