If you’re planning on visiting Thailand this summer and having Stunning Family Holiday in Luscious Boutique, you should definitely check out the beautiful Kalipay villa. Villa Kalipay is a luxurious mansion located in one of the most beautiful places in the world (on the beautiful east coast of Cape Yamu, Phuket). This Stunning Family Holiday luscious style villa is truly a transformative experience unfolds beautiful westerly panoramic views of Phuket Bay and Andaman Sea and the islands of Koh Rang Yai and Koh Maprao.

The villa is elevated from between green surroundings of Cape Yamu’s east coast in Phuket making it the perfect tranquil hideout with luxurious design to enchant and mesmerize every guest accessing a deep feeling of relaxation while enjoying stunning sunsets in a tranquil atmosphere. Villa Kalipay is unique, luxurious and it’s astounding array of details is perfect for family, friends and for intimate small gatherings to enjoy their luxury accommodation.


Villa Kalipay offers a luxurious common area carefully designed graced with contemporary art, hand-picked materials and handcrafted furniture from the best designers in Nepal, Thailand and the Philippines on crystal white marble floor placed across the wonderful boutique villa to enhance your vacation experience making your experience at the villa nothing short of transformative and give you something amazing to come back to. Villa Kalipay Feathers an enchanting 5 bedrooms with a private pool overlooking the magnificent ocean views of the Andaman Sea, Phuket Bay and the islands of Koh Rang Yai and Koh Maprao – sounds like the start of a perfect vacation. Beside all modern facilities other added activities are outfitted; Pilates and yoga equipment, a cinema room and the different dining options to enjoy this heavenly corner of the world.Villa Kalipay hosts some of the most luxurious common areas to accommodate travelers who have a special taste for lavishness. Check out this 5-bedroom villa and watch the sunset fade into the sculpted mountainside of Phuket. For registration visit booking.com.

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