What about a true island getaway with your family and friends? It will be a perfect idea for everyone to relax, enjoy and try many activities. Turks and Caicos are the best way to do this; snorkeling, swimming, running on the beach, riding horses, hiking and many other things that you may try them and also learn them.

There is a private area their called Parrot Cay. At this area, there are a lot of luxury villas that make your family feel privacy and elegance. Get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles The Exclusive Cozy & Breezy Villa Le Rayol in Côte d’Azur & Saint-Tropez and Casa Serena – Stunning Beachfront Villa Near Four Seasons to help get you started planning your net family holiday.

stunning-tamarind-villa-at-parrot-cay-of-turks-and-caicos-islands-3Tamarind villa is a gentle family experience to rest and relax. This villa has two partitions, the first one is the Main House and the second is the Guest house. The total space is 9.445 sq. ft. This wide space let you invite many friends for a party and you will also be able to make social events. And for the main purpose which is your holiday, you will find a variety of bedrooms decorated by Cheong Yew Kuan. Tamarind villa offers many guest bedrooms some with king beds and others with two twin beds each. Rollaways are found in some rooms. The total number of bathrooms is about five bathrooms and two halves. All bathrooms contain bath tub, outdoor shower, make up mirrors, hairdryers and bathrobes. There is also a private sunny verandah for you to have a sun bath each morning without going out. All communication devices are possible to finish your business during your holiday. A private gym is also possible for you to keep on your fitness. Also an infinity pool of 620 sq. ft. and another pool with 1250 sq. ft. are the best entertainment facility for a summer holiday in Tamarind villa. More and more facilities are waiting for you to try them. Try this wonderful experience and tell us about it.stunning-tamarind-villa-at-parrot-cay-of-turks-and-caicos-islands-8

stunning-tamarind-villa-at-parrot-cay-of-turks-and-caicos-islands-1 stunning-tamarind-villa-at-parrot-cay-of-turks-and-caicos-islands-2-1 stunning-tamarind-villa-at-parrot-cay-of-turks-and-caicos-islands-4 stunning-tamarind-villa-at-parrot-cay-of-turks-and-caicos-islands-6 stunning-tamarind-villa-at-parrot-cay-of-turks-and-caicos-islands-7 stunning-tamarind-villa-at-parrot-cay-of-turks-and-caicos-islands-9 stunning-tamarind-villa-at-parrot-cay-of-turks-and-caicos-islands-10 stunning-tamarind-villa-at-parrot-cay-of-turks-and-caicos-islands-13


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