I came now on the beginning of the summer to help you in taking the best decision for a family holiday. Staying in a relaxing, comfortable and peaceful home is the main element in any perfect holiday. It will be incredible if this home will be a villa in one of the most spice island. Grenada is this Caribbean island that makes your family feel the privacy and royalty. In the southern area of Grenada, there are a collection of villas that offer amazing views, Caribbean atmosphere and many family facilities. One of those charming villas is Caribella.

It is the simple of elegance and family friendly villa. I promise you that your family holiday in Caribella will be unforgettable and different to any other one. You may continue reading to know more about it. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Opulent Holiday Retreat Overlooking the Caribbean: Stargazer Villa Turks and Caicos Islands and Holiday Villa in Anguilla Overlooking the Caribbean: Villa Marlin to help get you started planning your net family holiday.


When you arrive to Caribella villa, you will found a garden patio welcome you from the outer gate to reach the villa’s door. Due to your walking inside you will see an amazing swimming pool with an umbrella and six chaise lounges on its edge. Also you will find in this villa a spacious dining area to collect your family members on a classic dinner or you may have a casual one on the edge of the pool. Perfect living areas everywhere to enjoy each part in your home. Three queen bedrooms overlooking to the three picturesque Caribbean bays are for you to relax and sleep after an active day of swimming, surfing, walking, playing and having fun. The Caribbean style appeared in each part in this villa. Glass patio doors, shaded verandah, gourmet kitchen and original paintings are found in Caribella. A new experience in a luxury home will never be a memory that you can forget. Try this with the people you love most and I am sure that you will repeat it twice.

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