Gorgeous Villa Tina on the Adriatic coast in the northwestern part Croatia in one of the most unique and culturally rich regions of this beautiful country consists of two buildings – an old stone house and a new building completely renovated in 2013 in a traditional style.

Villa Tina is transformed into a true Istrian paradise, perfect for family summer holiday and , relaxation stay, corporate events and destination weddings. The Interiors are decorated within minimal décor style up to the smallest detail and are fully adapted to this unique region. Villa abounds with modern features, lovely dark gray shade decorations at the same time some rough elements of architecture and with a numerous stylistic details that give a specific charm and create an incredible comfortable and homely atmosphere.


Although the house is at a distance from the sea it is close enough to the shops, restaurants and markets in the tranquil countryside. Villa Tina consists of two buildings – an old stone house and a new building with 5 double bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and outdoor dining and living area, all stylishly furniture designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and luxurious living and to create the perfect conditions for complete relaxation. Villa Tina feathers a comfortable terrace and pool on a beautiful well-kept landscaped ground for the warm sunny days that can be enjoyed in comfort. The Istrian peninsula still largely undiscovered but it is known for its rich history that left a plethora of historic sites, untouched spectacular nature sightseeing, delicious Istrian cuisine with Mediterranean, wonderful beaches, bike and hiking trails, yachting and Italian influences, wine growing, olive oil making…are all waiting for you at this Luxury true tourist destination, easily reached and attracting visitors all year round.

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