Sumptuous Sanctuary Villa at Parrot Cay Displaying a Tasteful Interior Design

Come on families, my next words are for you. Do you think about your coming summer holiday? Where will you go and how will you enjoy it? Don’t bother your selves; I came now to finish this problem. An amazing private villa is waiting for you to rent and to enjoy staying near by the sea. Also you may try many activities there such as snorkeling, whale-watching, horseback riding on the beach, sand activities and hiking. Ooops! I forget to tell you about its name, location and its amenities. Here is some information about it.

The Sanctuary villa is the one that I am talking about. It is one of the most perfect rental villas for families to spend their holiday near Miami. On the private island of Parrot Cay, this villa is constructed to be the source of happiness and relaxation in any family holiday. You can also get inspired with other elegance hand-picked locations using some of our past articles Deluxe Family Suite, Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh and Boulevard Jules Sandeau Luxury Apartment With Sophisticated Traditional Details to help get you started planning your net family holiday.


It is a beachfront villa that overlooks the island’s lush vegetation and turquoise sea. This villa consisted of two parts as follow; the main house and guesthouse. You may rent both of them or only one. They contain many luxurious bedrooms with king bed or twin beds. The villa is provided by bathrooms with bathtubs, interior standalone, outdoor showers, make-up mirrors, hairdryers and bathrobes. Sanctuary villa offers air conditioned, ceiling fans, televisions with DVD players, and telephones with voicemail, CD players, living area, infinity pool and equipped kitchen. There are special packages that you may request. One or more are available for you according to your needs. You may choose from those packages “Romance”, “Spa”, “Family”, “Sun & Seclusion”, “Wellness Packages” and “Stress Management”. Have fun and enjoy summer activities with your family in Parrot Cay.

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