A family holiday is such a kind of holidays that you will never forget especially if you spend it in wonderful destination, taking photos and trying new activates. The best time for this holiday is the summer- although it ensures you to enjoy pleasant weather throughout the year-when all your family members have their vacations so you can meet together in the French Riviera in all its glory. One of the best places for a summer family holiday is in the garden of the Côte d’Azur in the French Riviera …Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer. Opening out to the sea and towards the Islands where you can swim within the deep blue waters, snorkel, sunbathe, dinning, shopping and entertain due to the presence of beautiful beaches with fine golden sand, restaurants, shopping centers, museums and citadels. It is also the home of jetsetters and celebrities. You will find here a number of luxurious villas that are able to welcome one or more family at the same time. One of those villas is Le Rayol villa. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Luxury West Ivy Mansion Offering Striking Panoramic Views in Sussex-England and Villa Agi Lazro, One Of The Hidden Holiday Homes Of Mykonos Greece to help get you started planning your net family holiday.


Villa Le Rayol is an extra ordinary decorated villa that gives you the feeling of elegance, royalty, and refinement. This beautiful property is a classically French designed with stunning sea views, soft neutral fabrics and antique-style furnishings. It locates across the Levant, Porquerolles and Port Cros islands. It is just kilometers from two airports; the first one is La Mole private airport which is 11 km away and the second one is Toulon International Airport which is 34 km away from it. The villa is distributed into two parts the main house and the guest wing. About the first part ( main house), it contains an entrance hall, living room, equipped kitchen, dining room, generous veranda with Mediterranean Sea view, perfect family hub, Cinema room, two bedrooms and two master suites. About the second part (guest wing), it offers separate private entrance, four luxury guest bedrooms, kitchen, wonderful garden, spacious verandas, living room, large heated pool and an island bar. The whole villa is well furnished and decorated. All entertainment equipment and devices are available. All bedrooms are with en-suite bathrooms or shower rooms with separate WC. My conclusion about this villa is that it is the most suitable villa for any family to relax and spend an amazing holiday. It will be the source of pleasure and entertainment to your family. Chair your family experience in Le Royal villa …Waiting for you to tell us about it.the-exclusive-cozy-breezy-villa-le-rayol-in-cote-dazur-saint-tropez-3

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