Winter is almost over and I couldn’t be happier. Amazing family members and friends; summer nights; Chocolate ice cream; beach and fun under the sun… what else do you want, get ready for the coming summer and let’s spend it; slow and steady.

Looking for a beautiful place to spend the vacation, check out this luxury rental located in the exclusive Mediterranean paradise of St. Tropez, France for a 100% relaxing luxury villa holiday. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Luxury holiday villa rental near the beach in St Tropez-Villa Bella and A Magnificent Family Rental Home In The Center Of St Tropez to help get you started planning your net family holiday.


Villa Victoria is a private, first class, beachfront property with hints modern design featuring a palatial design layout, designer interior and classic architecture with a mix of fascinating aesthetics and motifs offering a unique yet refined atmosphere. Moving throughout the Villa, unique and the Romanesque aesthetics is present in nearly every corner and crevice. This 8 bedroom, 8 bathroom retreat is located directly on the water offering guests St. Tropez luxury and lifestyle.the-exclusive-cozy-breezy-villa-victoria-in-saint-tropez-4 the-exclusive-cozy-breezy-villa-victoria-in-saint-tropez-1 the-exclusive-cozy-breezy-villa-victoria-in-saint-tropez-25 the-exclusive-cozy-breezy-villa-victoria-in-saint-tropez-6 the-exclusive-cozy-breezy-villa-victoria-in-saint-tropez-7 the-exclusive-cozy-breezy-villa-victoria-in-saint-tropez-12 the-exclusive-cozy-breezy-villa-victoria-in-saint-tropez-22 the-exclusive-cozy-breezy-villa-victoria-in-saint-tropez-23 the-exclusive-cozy-breezy-villa-victoria-in-saint-tropez-29 the-exclusive-cozy-breezy-villa-victoria-in-saint-tropez-30


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