For a best Malaysian family holiday you have to visit Gaya island the largest of five islands that form the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park . All year round travel is possible, where you can find 5-star luxury resorts that call it home. A place nestled in the hillside of an ancient over thousands of years rainforest; keeping with nature and the surroundings with unbeatable views.

During rainy months many western-coast resorts close and boat services dwindle or stop altogether. One of the amazing Malaysian resorts which accessible only by boat is Gaya island resort. It had devoted its nature which was created part of its beauty over thousands of years from sheltered coral reefs in this familiar resort. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Turquoise Cove G301- Opulent Beachfront Estate with Sumptuous Decors: Jewel of Maui and Casa Serena – Stunning Beachfront Villa Near Four Seasons to help get you started planning your net family holiday.

Gaya island resort location is hard to beat along the coast of Malohom Bay! It is on the beach in Gaya Island, this fabulous resort offers a rainforest retreat. As the resort is the label of nature, it is a walking resort but for operational purposes motorized vehicles are used. Gaya Island Resort welcomes any family to wonderful discoverable experience as they may stay in one of its Sabahan elements to enjoy pure activities. This resort offers many unique and modern villas designed with a contemporary elegance. In addition to the property of being beautiful beachfront resort, your family may try pure activities that capture the senses such as immersing guests in the vibrancy, scents, textures, sounds, spa programs and special dinning ideas in a tropical environment. Also you can explore the forested trails and seascape of this resort. Discovering marine life of spending day fishing on the boundaries here is not a big deal because here is the best place for gaining a snorkel or dive gear. Malaysian family experience is waiting for you to try it and share it with us.the-perfect-getaway-gaya-island-unique-and-modern-tropical-resort-malaysia-3

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