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Nothing more satisfying than the gathering of family & friends from the pressures of everyday life and relax …Over Yonder Cay is the ideal comfortable and a luxury getaway that could truly change your life. Experience your own private island located in the heart of the idyllic and secluded Exumas Chain by renting Over Yonder Cay, 70 miles from Nassau and 230 miles from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Mother’s House – Modern Holiday Ocean Villa in Grand Turk Island Overlooking the Caribbean and Peter Island The elegant island resort to help get you started planning your net family holiday. Within this tropical fantasy land sits Over Yonder Cay a special place in the heart of the Exuma Cays a haven of tranquility. Over Yonder Cay is of a footprint-free beaches are the norm, palm trees far outnumber people, and celebrities frolic in ultra-exclusive an hideaway this full-service private island resort lays which have taken celebration of the Exumas’ secluded allure to new heights. It welcomes up to 28 guests of a single group at a time to ensure the ultimate privacy in four uniquely designed villas positioned across the island’s 72 acres with access to the entire island’s amenities, activities and facilities.

the-pride-of-the-bahamas-over-yonder-cay-16A former remote fishing outpost, the island has been transformed over the last five years into a unique private haven for stunning architecture co-existing in harmony and cutting-edge green energy technology for those seeking authentic barefoot luxury. Luxury accommodation comprises of 4 highly stylized villas sleeping 28 guests created from limestone, coral, and hardwoods. Villa Fiamma, the “sun villa,” perches on the island’s central hilltop, providing superb views for eight sleeps from its four suites, each with a private courtyard and terrace. With dramatic ocean vistas a hilltop Villa Cielo takes its décor cues from France, blending the modern and traditional accommodate six in four rooms overlooking a private beach. A few steps from the beach, Villa Acqua, as its name implies, near the island’s longest white-sand beach accommodate eight in four rooms. Taking in the views of sunrise and sunset, three-bedroom Villa Terra, on the island’s south side, sits on a sandy promontory and accommodate six in three rooms.the-pride-of-the-bahamas-over-yonder-cay-4

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