Some families have many ideas about what makes a great holiday. My advice is to go Jamaica to create a most relaxing experience for your family. It is like having a small resort just only for you in a fabulous villa vacation. Fortlands Point on Discovery Bay is an island country situated in Caribbean Sea comprising the third largest island of  Greater Antilles.

This location makes you in a beautiful nature of being on an island and in front of the Caribbean Sea view. Also your family can enjoy its time in wonderful beaches and try water sports. To stay near all this you have to rent luxurious villa suitable for your family. Also your family can enjoy its time in wonderful calm and very kid friendly beaches and try water sports…there is always plenty to do… great snorkeling, paddleboards, kayaks, the pool, yoga and many more.


To stay near all this and to have great time for your family; you have to rent luxurious villa …Highly recommend suitable for your family. The villa offers seven luxurious magical bedrooms that really exceeded your expectations. There are many facilities for your family relaxation which is available in Fortland’s point. All the amenities are of the greatest mix of paradise and luxury. Your family will have an amazing time at Fortlands Point. Try a new family experience there and you won’t want to leave. For more information or reservations see

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