A charming different holiday is waiting for your family to enjoy and discover. How wonderful it will be if you go to St. Barthélemy in the French West Indies! It characterized by its French atmosphere and charming nature. Delicious international cuisine and boutiques are available to dine and do shopping as you like. To be able to enjoy all these, an elegant villa takes places away from the beach by five minutes to stay in it in your family holiday and it will gives you the facilities to explore St. Barthélemy.

Villa Roxanne is what my words point to it. You can also get inspired with other locations in the French Caribbean using some of our past articles Caribbean Luxury Holiday in the French Caribbean Silver Rainbow, St. Barthélemy Villa and Spectacular Private Retreat in the Caribbean: Grenada Villa to help get you started planning your next family holiday.


This villa locates in Gustavia two minute from the town by its shopping centers. Roxanne is such an incredible wide villa suitable for families and groups of friends. Each corner will match your personality in a way or other. Designs, furniture, amenities and every tiny detail in this villa are wonderful. Villa Roxanne is divided into two buildings. Each of them is full ocean view, well-furnished and well designed. The villa contains six bedrooms with all important amenities. All bedrooms are decorated in blue tones and en suite bathrooms. This villa has sunny terrace overlooking to the pool, dining area, living room and full equipped kitchen. The lap pool is heated in the winter and it is overlooking the ocean. The dining area is outdoor and has a large dining table with seating for up to 12 guests. Modern white leather sofas, armchairs and white decor are the characteristics of the living room. Sundeck is available at the edge of the pool for sunbathing and relaxing.In addition to all these things, there is an amazing garden full of trees that your children can run and play safely. Experience is what you gain from trying new things and for me your holiday in this great place will be the most amazing experience you will ever live. Share with us your photos and funny moments that you passed there. For more information on Roxane Villa or to book a reservation, please visit www.villasofdistinction.com .

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